Innovative Human Resources-Pee Dee Band, LLC

Concept, Description and Origin of Business

     Innovative Human Resources (IHR) originally began as a business concept in 2001 by its founder Wilma Lynn Buie Brooks, (MS Human Resources Business and Industry). As founder, I originally conceptualized a partnership of loosely organized professionals, working together by contract to support a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). The original goal of IHR PEO was to provide counsel and services to business and industry supporting the six functions of Human Resource Management. The six functions include: Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Development (HRD), Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, Employee and Labor Relations, and Human Resource Research.

      The organization's design stayed on the drawing board for approximately four years until I decided on a business strategy that consisted of a new business practice model and which would be a catalyst for IHR as a private professional HR practice. That strategy included benefits development as being the core of the practice, and encompassing the five other areas of the Human Resource Management functions as IHR’s model continues to evolve and progress.

     In 2005, I applied for and received a temporary insurance license in the state of Georgia under the guidance of a branch of United American Insurance Company (UA). This would allow IHR organizational structure to evolve and the UA appointment began to train and credential me as a benefits developer, third party benefit’s administrator, and medical practitioner. The extensive training process involved: two temporary and a permanent insurance license; training on insurance features and benefits; insurance state law requirements regarding features and benefits of plans, Medicare program, Medicare Supplemental Plans; Medicare marketing requirements; Medicare Part D program and plans; and the use of formularies for prescription drugs; workplace marketing including the use of Section 125 Code of the IRS cafeteria plans; features and benefits of supplemental health plans; hospital indemnity plans; and final expense term life insurance plans. Additionally, UA trained and gave our organization medical experience in  medical intake and training on different types of medical conditions, making visual observation of applicants, recommending benefit packages for consumers, and a benefits enrollment process for voluntary benefits cafeteria plans. Finally, the UA appointment allowed IHR’s founder to act as a patient advocate and third party administrator, by comparing pricing for medical services not covered by the plans, answer consumer questions about plans, and the collection of past due premiums.

     The appointment with UA established IHR as a Home Care Practice, because all of the consumer insurance counseling was done in the individual’s home or place of business. The most important strategy that our organization was developed from the partnership with the UA appointment was the extensive use of contracts for products and services, which is vital to IHR’s business concept. The second benefits partnership that IHR’s founder established, which has also shaped the direction of Innovative Human Resources, LLP was with American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac). This appointment included additional training in worksite benefits marketing which included; cafeteria plan documents, utilizing SIC codes, conducting business needs assessments for the purpose of determining benefits, an introduction to Human Resource accounting practices and procedures, discrimination testing, medical intake and preliminary underwriting, supplemental health insurance plans, and the use of contract documentation. Training and Development continued for our organization with three additional partners who include: The Independent Order of Forester’s which has offered additional training on life insurance plans, annuities, and preliminary underwriting; Aetna Insurance Company has offered training and opportunity with Major Medical Group Market, Major Medical Individual Market, Medicare Medigap Plans, and Medicare Part D plans; Coventry HealthCare which offered training on Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Plans, and counseling and marketing to Seniors.

      The behavioral health concept was developed during the fiscal year of 2010.  Innovative Human Resources, LLP continued to take shape as I applied for and received a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate from the State of North Carolina. The direction of this license took the company into the direction of a Health and Wellness model for family counseling. The behavioral health direction will continue into the home healthcare model by services being rendered in the home along with other medical services. This will allow IHR the opportunity to develop and work with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), family and work life balance programs, severe family interventions that affect employment and business development, and adolescent work programs with behavioral health problems. This practice model incorporates many facets of Human Resource Management while partnering with Medical Practitioners as a focal point for revenue and cost containment for healthcare in America. The Provider Medical Practice line of business in this company will assist employers and employees with health and wellness plans, while offering the service of right match for benefits for consumers and for providers who render services. This cost effective model will bring together treatment, and benefit design plans conducive to worker job titles, family needs, while addressing insurers needs for a more efficient service model of individual, group, and senior healthcare.    

     Finally, I was fortunate enough to prepare as a trainer for Medicare enrollments under United Healthcare’s supervision and I am currently in training for IHR to serve the public as a Marketplace SHOP.  When organizing my family into a banded tribal organization, I began to realize the pool of resources that we have as group of descendants of our grandparents and great grandparents. It was no coincidence that many of us trained and were educated in similar occupations and feel the need to pass these traditions on to our own children. Our goal is to offer our services to other tribal organizations, business and industry, government, business partners and consumers. We are combining the talents from the fields of Medical, Accounting, Technical, Legal, Business, Finance, and  holistic clinical counseling. We hope to assist you with obtaining your goals because our business is your business.